Clever Brenda: A Hopster Original kids tv show

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Clever Brenda A Hopster Original kids tv show

Here at Hopster, we’re on a mission to promote ‘accidental learning’, where kids happen upon information and pick up skills accidentally while playing. As part of this, we have commissioned our own learning show, Clever Brenda. This brand new series helps preschoolers understand cycles that can be found in nature and in the world around … Read More

What’s wrong with advertising to children?

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What's wrong with advertising to children, What's wrong with advertising to kids, harmful effects of advertising on children,

Parents are increasingly concerned about the influence of advertising on their children’s lives – and with good reason. Hopster is a 100% ad-free kids app. Advertising to children is an approach we have deliberately chosen not to take, both within the app and promoting our product. We wanted to explain a little more about why … Read More

Two Minute Tales: A Hopster Original kids tv show

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We have a very exciting addition to our line up of brilliant kids tv shows. It’s something different for us – a Hopster Original series. Two Minute Tales is our brand new collection of fast paced animated fairy tales. It takes traditional stories and retells them with the addition of some surprising and imaginative twists. … Read More

Inspire your child’s imagination with Hopster’s fun new creative tools

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We’ve made a really exciting update to the app, with some great new creative tools that will inspire and excite your child’s imagination. Firstly, the Create drawing tool has been upgraded to Super Create. The previously more simple painting tool now has loads more ways for your little ones to unleash their inner artist. One … Read More

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