Wanda and the Alien costume ideas

Make your own adorable Wanda and the Alien outfits with your tinies

We love dressing up and make-believe plays as they boost kids’ imaginations and strengthen their emotional and social skills. It lets them try out different roles and it nurtures their empathy too.

Acting out their favourite shows can be a great way for kids to imagine how others may feel and explore different emotions. Try acting out shows that carry a strong positive message, as it will help your tinies learn how to interact with others in an appropriate manner.

Wanda and the Alien is a great show for role-play as it helps kids learn about friendship, accepting differences and helping out friends and family. The heroes of the show are Wanda, a rabbit and her extraterrestrial friend, the Alien. Being from two different worlds, they have a lot to explore and learn from each others differences.

Before you start the play, why not get creative and make the costumes together with your kids using these fun activity sheets.

Download the Wanda mask template

Download the Alien mask template

How to get started

  1. Download and print out out our Wanda and Alien mask templates.

  2. Cut out the big side of your cereal box (to recycle) or if you don’t have one at hand get an A5 sheet of cardboard.

  3. Stick the printed mask on the cereal box or cardboard.

  4. Once it’s dry, cut along the dotted line.

  5. Colour and decorate your masks.

  6. Use a pencil to make holes for the elastic band and eye holes.

  7. Put the elastic band through and voila, you’re ready to be Wanda or the Alien!

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