What’s wrong with advertising to children?

What's wrong with advertising to children, What's wrong with advertising to kids, harmful effects of advertising on children,

Parents are increasingly concerned about the influence of advertising on their children’s lives – and with good reason. Hopster is a 100% ad-free kids app. Advertising to children is an approach we have deliberately chosen not to take, both within the app and promoting our product. We wanted to explain a little more about why … Read More

Digital play… Here to stay

Digital play 3

Can digital play really help develop fundamental early years skills? Our children are living in a digital age where most 3 year olds have a natural affinity for using tablets or smartphones to explore their growing world. A seven-year old now holds the record for the World’s Youngest Programmer. More than half (55%) of kids … Read More

The Hopster Curriculum

At Hopster, we’re using hand-picked kids shows and purposefully built games to drive a powerful learning curriculum. Everything on Hopster is based on the Hopster curriculum, which we developed with a panel of experts on childhood development. Our academic advisor panel is top notch Our games have been created with leading academics in childhood education … Read More

How to activate your iPad’s “guided access mode”

It’s Safer Internet Day 2014, and we want to show you a little trick for how to lock your iPad to stay within the active app (whether that’s Hopster, or any other app you like giving to your child to play with!). It’s got a wonderful name, “Guided Access Mode” or “Kiosk Mode”, and is … Read More