Fun preschool music game ideas

Bubble Beat cube

Young children seem to have an almost natural musicality; adoring all sorts of fun, musical interactions, be it through song, rhymes, moving or playing an instrument. We’ve all seen the joy in a child’s face when they’ve pulled out the pots and pans and are banging away merrily with a wooden spoon or dancing and … Read More

Wanda and the Alien costume ideas

Wanda and the Alien

Make your own adorable Wanda and the Alien outfits with your tinies We love dressing up and make-believe plays as they boost kids’ imaginations and strengthen their emotional and social skills. It lets them try out different roles and it nurtures their empathy too. Acting out their favourite shows can be a great way for … Read More


explorer boy1_720

FOR A FINAL HALF TERM TREAT WHY NOT TRY A TREASURE HUNT? Join us on board a pirate ship with the Backyardigans, explore secret spots around the UK or head outdoors for a themed treasure hunt. Finding games and treasure hunts are great for your kids’ problem solving skills, for improving their gross motor skills (crawling, running and jumping) and for teaching them … Read More

The Hopster Curriculum

At Hopster, we’re using hand-picked kids shows and purposefully built games to drive a powerful learning curriculum. Everything on Hopster is based on the Hopster curriculum, which we developed with a panel of experts on childhood development. Our academic advisor panel is top notch Our games have been created with leading academics in childhood education … Read More

Creative Collaborations between Parent and Child


“Creativity is now as important in education as literacy.” – Sir Ken Robinson Bring creativity to life – literally Drawing is a great activity for creative thinking. As a kid, I’d often imagine my drawings come to life, or even try to fold the paper in ways to bring them alive, à la Frankenstein. These … Read More

Have you seen what’s new on Hopster?


We’ve got a few exciting announcements to make, but thought it would be more fun to turn it into a bit of a game. Can you spot 5 differences in the Hopster trees below? Did you find them all? 1.     Ben and Holly are visiting the Hopster tree (UK) 2.     We’ve got a new drawing … Read More

Completing the curriculum with creativity

Help your kids learn to express themselves with Hopster Create

Did you know that everything on Hopster is selected against a curriculum we developed with some of the best childhood development experts in the world? If you didn’t know, you do now! For this curriculum, we looked at lots of international frameworks and identified four key areas that are important for early childhood development, wherever you … Read More

Have some Summer Fun with FREE Gruffalo Printables

As you might’ve heard, The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child are currently holidaying in the Hopster tree. They’re massively enjoying their time there – lots of Owl Ice Cream and Scrambled Snake to go round. To make sure you and your kids have just as much fun, we’ve put together some Gruffalo printables to keep … Read More

Roll up, roll up, an all new Hopster is out!

We’ve all been working our socks off over at Hopster HQ and we’re excited to announce to you today the brand new Hopster TV app! It’s a big update, with new characters, loads more space around our tree for them to play, a whole new music show and a new level added to our game. … Read More