Helping your child with phonics at home: A parents guide

parents guide to phonics, helping your child with Phonics

In all likelihood, your child will learn to read and write by using phonics. Phonics is a way of teaching children the relationship between letters and sounds to form words, so they can learn to read and write. When your child learns that the letter ‘A’ has the speech sound of /a/ as in Ant, … Read More

Introduce your child to Phonics with new game Alphabet Hotel

Alphabet Hotel Literacy game

Our brilliant new phonics game Alphabet Hotel helps kids discover the letters of the alphabet and corresponding sounds, giving them a great head start in learning to read and write. What is Alphabet Hotel? Alphabet Hotel features four mini-games to help children discover letters and sounds from the English alphabet within each room of the … Read More

Get ready to explore the all-new Hopster world…

Something magical is happening on Hopster

Something Magical is happening in Hopster Three years ago we planted a magic tree. Every month it grew. More leaves sprouted and a whole host of characters moved in and started making friends with kids from all over the world. This summer, the Hopster world is expanding even further. We’ve introduced a new scrollable, 360° world … Read More

A list of the top 4 cartoon dads


Whoopee, it’s dad’s turn in the spotlight. We’re celebrating this Father’s Day with a list of our top cartoon dads. These dads are attentive, patient and always have a sense of humour, even when their little one are being naughty… DADDY PIG Daddy Pig lives with Mummy Pig and their piglets Peppa and George. He’s a family … Read More

Teach your kids to interact with animals


 ShHh… do you hear a rustle? If you’re really quiet you might find something small and spiky rustling around in a corner of your garden this spring. We’re making little nests and bug hotels outside, ready to welcome anything with 4 legs or more that might be persuaded to stop for a bit. Teach your kids to … Read More


explorer boy1_720

FOR A FINAL HALF TERM TREAT WHY NOT TRY A TREASURE HUNT? Join us on board a pirate ship with the Backyardigans, explore secret spots around the UK or head outdoors for a themed treasure hunt. Finding games and treasure hunts are great for your kids’ problem solving skills, for improving their gross motor skills (crawling, running and jumping) and for teaching them … Read More

The sun is out, let’s get growing

sunflower sq

Gardening is a great way to get your kids outside. It also has tons of educational benefits, teaching them to: take responsibility cooperate with others respect nature take in interest in where their food comes from Turn little fingers green and encourage your tots to explore and care for the world around them with our Grow game. The Grow game is simple. All … Read More

Inside ‘Unimagined Friends’

Unimagined Friends

We search high and low for the best kids content out there, and we were especially pleased when we stumbled upon this gem, made by a group of students at the Animation Workshop in Denmark. It’s a beautifully animated short, mixing 2D and 3D animation, about imaginary friends.. only thing is they haven’t been imagined yet. We spoke to … Read More

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