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How to keep young children busy on long trips

Holidays are a great time for families to unwind and relax. Unfortunately, in order to get to your destination you have to travel there - and that’s when the trouble can start.

Whether you are travelling by car, plane, train, or spaceship – going on holiday with young children (especially toddlers & preschoolers) can be an endurance test for even the most patient of parents.

Young children can get bored very easily, and while this is something they need to deal with in terms of their development, perhaps a long haul flight or epic car journey isn’t the best place to try and enforce this.

So they need activities to keep them amused. Here are a few tried and tested suggestions on how to keep young children busy on long trips.


Before the invention of the printing press, perhaps children read scrolls or perused cave paintings to keep themselves amused. Thankfully (for many reasons) kids now have books, and a collection of age appropriate ones should keep your child/children amused for a good portion of your journey.

Also coming into their own are audio books. When mum and/or dad aren’t able to read to their kids, then audiobooks (and increasingly, video books) offer children the next best thing.


The allure of making simple black marks on blank paper cannot be underestimated. This can potentially keep a kid amused for hours.


While ‘I spy’ may keep kids interested for a while, it soon loses its novelty. Parents may need to up the ante when it comes to what games they provide for their kids, but there are loads of options available.


Children love music, and this is a great way to keep them interested – or at least stop them being bored. And with the right device – and a pair of headphones – it doesn’t even have to bother you.

TV shows

It’s never been easier to watch TV shows while on the go, and having access to great children’s television has been a boon to the sanity of parents taking their kids on a trip.

How Hopster can help

To make things easier, our app offers all of these great ways to keep young children busy on long trips – in one place.

Hopster is an innovative children’s development app for ages 2-6, where they’ll find books, drawing, games, music, their favourite TV shows, and more.