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Introduce your child to Phonics with Hopster’s Alphabet Hotel game

Simon Ragoonanan
Simon Ragoonanan - November 10, 2017

Our phonics game Alphabet Hotel helps kids discover the letters of the alphabet and corresponding sounds, giving them a great head start in learning to read and write.

What is Alphabet Hotel?

Alphabet Hotel features four mini-games to help children discover letters and sounds from the English alphabet within each room of the hotel. After learning all the single letter sounds, children can then progress towards learning more complicated combinations and discover the digraphs (two letter sounds) to make up the majority of the 44 speech sounds used in the English language. The game will initially be free to play within the Hopster app.

Each of the four mini-games takes place in a different room of Alphabet Hotel. The games include:

Letter Trace

In this activity, kids are presented with a large letter, and shown how to write it using their fingers.

Letter Find

Kids are presented with 11 balloons and are asked to pop the ones with the corresponding letter of the room on them. The balloons make the letter sound when the user taps directly on them and pops them.

Letter Objects

The user must tap three interior objects in the room that begin with the designated letter of the room. The name of the object will be announced to reinforce the letter object correspondence.

Missing Letters

This activity requires children to drag and drop the correct letter into the missing slot to complete a word. This simple exercise is aimed at getting kids to start using the letters to build a word.

“We wanted to focus on the importance of developing letter awareness during a child’s early years by introducing phonics,” said Hopster Head of Learning, Lelia Ingram. “Our goal is to prepare children in advance, so that by the time they enter school, they can learn to read and spell with ease.”

Alphabet Hotel will be housed initially on a learning hub on the main screen of the Hopster app, in Hopster School. Here, as well as trying the new game, kids will find a number of learning shows, all selected to further their understanding of sounds and letters.

About Hopster

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