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Hopster’s Discovery Learning Map: All about me, my family & friends

Lelia Ingram
Lelia Ingram - January 19, 2018

At Hopster we see the value of connecting informal education with children’s individual learning journeys, whether they are at nursery, kindergarten, or at home. To provide a fully rounded experience, and make sure all our content is aligned to early childhood education around the world, we developed our own curriculum.

Our unique Discovery Learning Map is a global framework with 6 key areas. It underpins all our content to ensure quality learning opportunities that encourage children to play and explore and develop as creative and critical thinkers.

In a series of blog posts we will look at each of the key areas in depth. We begin with…

Finding out… All about me, my family & friends

At this stage of early childhood development children are beginning to gain a sense of who they are and what it means to be independent. They are growing in confidence and learning how to interact positively with others around them. In this area of learning kids are finding out about themselves, what makes them special, what their likes and dislikes are, what interests them and what kinds of things they can do.

What are they learning?

Children’s first experiences come from home, and family is the centre of their world. A theme like this encourages children to think about their own family and to feel good about the uniqueness of their family. Our content celebrates individuality as well as learning about similarities and differences and developing a growing awareness that all families are special.

This area of learning addresses other skills and concepts that are important in growing up such as; making friends. When kids start to develop relationships with other children outside of their family network it is an exciting time but also one that can be overwhelming. They are beginning to learn friendship skills like sharing, taking turns, cooperating, listening to others.

Learning about their own emotions and what makes them feel happy or sad, angry or excited, calm or scared is an important growth area in this theme. As children acquire new cognitive and language skills they learn to regulate their emotions and are beginning to use language to express how they are feeling.

Which Hopster Shows fit?

We have lots of Shows that fit within ‘All about me, my friends and family’. Here are a few of our favourites…

PunkyPunky is about a little girl with Down’s Syndrome and her daily adventures with family and friends. This show promotes caring for others and celebrating individuality in a light hearted way…

64 Zoo LaneLucy lives next door to a zoo and every night the animals tell her a story to help her get to sleep. The stories emphasises friendship and responsibility.

ArthurA long running classic about a bespectacled aardvark. There is a strong emphasis on relationships and learning to be a good friend and neighbour.

Sesame Streets Best FriendsThis stars several of the shows central characters. It teaches kids how to be a good friend and the value of kindness.

PaddingtonEveryone’s favourite troublesome bear. A great show for teaching children the importance of family and how every family is unique.

Which Hopster Games fit?

Our SHARE game helps children learn how to interact positively and appropriately with others. It is a great starting point for introducing the skills of sharing and turn-taking to little ones as well as encouraging children to think about their own emotional expressions. In this game, Fluffster’s friends want to join Fluffster in bouncing on the trampoline drum. The player must choose who should bounce next to keep them all happy but must pay attention to who’s looking the most left out and try to share the fun equally.

Key learning skills:

  • Understand how they and others show feelings
  • Show sensitivity to others’ needs and feelings
  • Can play cooperatively, taking turns with others

Mapping all our content against the Discovery Learning Map means that we can ensure we are hitting the key areas within early childhood development and make sure that while interacting with Hopster, kids will only ever engage with content that is positively nurturing to their development.

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