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Digital play… Here to stay

Can digital play really help develop fundamental early years skills?

Lelia Ingram
Lelia Ingram - June 22, 2017

Our children are living in a digital age where most 3 year olds have a natural affinity for using tablets or smartphones to explore their growing world.

  • A seven-year old now holds the record for the World’s Youngest Programmer.
  • More than half (55%) of kids aged 3-4 now use a tablet/smartphone at home.
  • Over 70% of schools in the UK are now using tablet computers in lessons.*

Tech’s role in early education

Digital technology can complement and enhance early development by making an adventure of learning to read, write and solve problems. Make no mistake, it is an exciting time to be a preschooler on the cusp of their learning journey.

The importance of choosing wisely

Let’s face it, as busy multi-tasking parents, we do at times have to rely on giving the little ones screen time while we get on with tasks of our own. So the question is – how can you ensure that your preschooler gets the most from their digital play? I believe it’s by taking the time to source high quality, age appropriate apps; which are safe, entertaining and educational.

Many parents worry about the length of time spent in front of the screen, but such things can be tricky to monitor. Our friends at ScreenLimit allow you to set daily limits tailored to individual children. Their unique countdown timer synchronizes across all your children’s devices. Get a free trial

Digital play with Hopster

How Hopster can help

Hopster was created to help children’s early development and to give you, the busy, multi-tasking parent, peace of mind while your child learns and plays.

There is no denying that digital play can indeed have a positive impact upon children’s learning and development. With safe, child-friendly, educational Apps such as Hopster, it is undoubtedly a very exciting time to be a preschooler. Digital play it seems, is here to stay!

Lelia Ingram - Head of Learning

Hello, my name is Lelia.

I’m Hopster’s Head of Learning. I have over 15 years’ experience in teaching, across the Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2 and as an Assistant Head Teacher. I specialise in literacy with a focus on developing teaching and learning within the Early Years and Key Stage 1. For me, working alongside Hopster is a perfect opportunity to be involved in developing specialist technology that delivers education in a fun and entertaining way.