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5 classic garden-themed kids TV shows in honour of Fifi & The Flowertots

We’ve been hard at work adding loads of amazing new shows to the Hopster Tree and we’re really excited to introduce our latest addition

Eduardo - June 22, 2015

Fifi Forget-Me-Not is everyone’s friend, despite her tendency to, well, Forget-A-Lot. She always comes through and remembers in the end though, and goes on all sorts of adventures with her Flowertot friends. Fifi loves her garden, her friends, and baking cakes (personally I prefer eating them, but maybe that’s just me…)

In honour of our petally pals sprouting onto the tree this summer I’ve picked 5 of the most memorable kids TV shows featuring a gardening theme – you may even remember some of them yourself.

The Herbs

Parsley the Lion, Dill the Dog – browsing the herb aisle in my local supermarket is practically guaranteed to send me into a nostalgic daydream. Originally a part of the BBC series ‘Watch with Mother’, the show formed part of a curated series of shows aimed at providing wholesome entertainment to pre-school children (now why does that sound familiar…). Surprisingly, it only aired for 13 episodes before Parsley got involved in a contract dispute with the programme makers and demanded his own spin off series. With flagrant disregard for the careers of his fellow stars, his new series ‘The Adventures Of Parsley’ (yeah, definitely no ego there) aired for a further 32 episodes, until he retired from public life to ‘spend some more time in the garden’.

The Herbs

Quitting your hit show doesn’t always work out. Just ask Mischa Barton

Bill & Ben (The Flowerpot Men)

A classic – who doesn’t remember Bill & Ben (even now I struggle to say it without following up with ‘The Flowerpot Men’)? Another alumnus from ‘Watch With Mother’, Bill & Ben have been on our screens in some form or another for a total of 30 years, which means that almost every parent has been subjected to the terrible made up language Oddle Poddle at some time or other – a noise so terrible the BBC was accused of teaching children poor english.

Bill and Ben - The Flowerpot Men

In The Night Garden

I’m too old to have legitimately watched In The Night Garden, although I have stumbled across it and can only describe it as ‘bonkers’. There’s a big blue guy who people think looks a bit like David Cameron (thanks, Mumsnet, that kept me laughing for hours) and a whole series of characters called the ‘Haahoos’ who look like they’ve got lost on their way back from a life-size game of noughts and crosses. Colourful, relaxing fun for bedtime.

The Magic Garden

In the ’70s hippie culture was still in full swing – Woodstock had brought the ’60s to an epic conclusion and wearing flowers in your hair was a solid fashion choice. The Magic Garden featured Ms Janis and Ms Demas sitting on top of giant toadstools or occasionally a swing, telling stories and cracking out songs on the guitar, all with a cheerful grin. They also occasionally spoke to flowers. The timing of this show is, I’m sure, completely coincidental.

The Magic Garden

To be honest, the waistcoat is still a strong look.

Blue Peter

Ok, it’s not completely garden related, but what child didn’t want to visit the legendary Blue Peter garden? Aside from being home to the odd ex-pet, the garden always looked immaculate. Tragedy struck during the infamous vandalism incidents in the ’70s and ’80s, and bizarrely Dennis Wise and Les Ferdinand were suggested to be the teenage perpetrators of this dastardly crime, with Les even joking that he helped “a few people over the wall”. Whilst there is no real evidence that either were involved in the crime, I was still so hurt by the possibility that I immediately transferred him to a Belgian side in FIFA 98.

Les Ferdinand

I’m watching you, Les

All of which has very little to do with Fifi & The Flowertots to be perfectly honest. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me, and I look forward to reading your child’s blog article reminiscing about Fifi in around 25 years time. It’s a great show, and like all of our programmes we know you’re going to love it.

*No idea.


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