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Clever Brenda: A Hopster Original kids tv show

The show where kids pick up skills while playing through ‘accidental learning’.

Simon Ragoonanan
Simon Ragoonanan - September 22, 2017

Here at Hopster, we’re on a mission to promote ‘accidental learning’, where kids happen upon information and pick up skills accidentally while playing.

As part of this, we have commissioned our own learning show, Clever Brenda. This brand new series helps preschoolers understand cycles that can be found in nature and in the world around them. The show addresses basic concepts, such as recycling, the importance of bees, and how our body functions.

Clever Brenda - Recycling

Brenda explains Recycling

Created by RUDE, an East-London based illustration agency, Clever Brenda boasts an animation style that is fresh, playful and creative.

Priding itself on creating a beautiful and magical environment for kids that’s never dull or childish, Hopster chose the Clever Brenda illustrators for their quirky yet colourful and visually engaging style that brings back the feel of modern abstract screen-prints.

Hopster is committed to empowering children to be who they want to be regardless of their gender. Noting that there aren’t enough role-models for girls in STEM fields, we intend for the show to encourage girls, as well as boys, to follow Brenda’s footsteps, be inquisitive and develop an interest in science-related subjects.

Brenda’s character underscores Hopster’s commitment to challenging cultural attitudes and expectations of girls from a young age.

Clever Brenda is now live on the Hopster app.

Clever Brenda - Butterflies