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Girl power and empowering girls

Despite great strides in the past few years, girlhood is still dominated by pink and princesses.

Gender stereotypes can take root in children earlier than you might think. By the time children reach school, many ideas around what it is to be a boy or a girl can already be defined in young minds.

At Hopster, we want to help you challenge this, and our Girl Power theme – coinciding with International Women’s Day on Friday 8 March – is part of that.

Why Girl Power?

To many a parent, the term ‘Girl Power’ will likely conjure up memories of ‘Wannabe’ and Geri Halliwell in a Union Jack dress. As the catchphrase of 90s supergroup the Spice Girls, it became the rallying cry for a generation of little girls.

While a useful slogan for their young female fans, the phrase has far more radical origins. It first emerged earlier in the decade from the Riot grrrl scene, a US underground movement which combined punk style with feminist politics – and wider messaging on women’s rights and female empowerment.

While the more radical Riot Grrrl message – born of female anger and frustration – may have been distilled by the time it reached the Spice Girls’ diminutive fans, the broadly empowering message remained – and the phrase Girl Power still has great potency.

For Hopster’s Girl Power theme, our target is even younger than the Spice Girls’ ‘tween’ market, but just because our audience are aged 2-6 it doesn’t mean the message won’t resonate – or isn’t as vital as it was in the 1990’s.

We want children to see all sorts of girls as active protagonists in a range of adventures. With these stories, children will see it’s ok for girls to be assertive, to get angry, to be sad, to make mistakes, to be silly, and – perhaps most importantly – to be in control of their own narratives.

We think it’s just as important for boys as well as girls to see this, so Hopster’s Girl Power theme – with a range of great content – is for all children to enjoy.

Girl Power in Hopster

Dot is an inquisitive and exuberant tech-savvy 8-year-old. The show inspires learning, exploration, and demonstrates how technology can be used to enhance real-life experiences.

Earth to Luna
Follow the adventures of Luna, a curious 6-year-old girl who is passionate about science. A great show to inspire a love of science in your child.

Pearl Power
Pearl is a feisty 5-year-old, who knows that being told she does things “like a girl” isn’t a bad thing, and that she can do anything the other kids can do – even though she’s small.

Rita and Crocodile
A show about Rita, a headstrong 4-year-old, and her best friend, Crocodile – who lives in the bathtub!

Punky is ordinary little girl who loves dancing & her family, has lots of friends, and has Down syndrome.

Clever Brenda
Brenda tells us about the cycles around us – how our body functions, why bees are so important, the water cycle, and more.

(NB: Some content not available in all territories)

Simon Ragoonanan

About the author

Simon Ragoonanan is Hopster’s Brand and Communications Manager. He also blogs about gender stereotypes in kids and being the father of a daughter at manvspink.com

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