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Our 7 Favourite Environmental Shows For Kids

Packed with nature, magnificent animals, wild beasts, and Chris Packham's eighties hairdo

Nick Walters
Nick Walters - June 4, 2015

Today is World Environment Day – and to celebrate we thought we’d shout out some of our favourite kids shows that also inspire your little one to do the right thing by the planet.

Here are seven of our faves, packed with nature, magnificent animals, wild beasts, and Chris Packham’s eighties hairdo. Enjoy…

1. Captain Planet

We start with the daddy of all environmental shows – he’s so green he even sported a 90s techno-punk green haircut…

2. I’m An Animal

A firm favourite on Hopster, I’m An Animal does a great job of introducing some of the world’s endangered animals, and why they matter…

3. The Really Wild Show

This inspired a generation of kids to love and care for animals. Sadly, no one thought to preserve that rarest of endangered species, Chris Packham’s hair.

4. Widget The World Watcher

This was a weird one, featuring alien environmentalists who changed their shape every episode. Wonderfully random.

5. Green Santa

OK, this one was a little more dubious – CiTV’s attempt to appeal to kids’ mercenary side by implying that global warming would ‘melt Santa’s runway’, meaning there’d be No. More. PRESENTS! Crude, but possibly effective.

6. Big Cat Diary

This show wasn’t designed only for kids, but we’ve yet to see a toddler not fascinated to see nature’s greatest predator advancing stealthily towards a gazelle…

7. Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure

Alright, these animals only used to be part of the environment. But what better way of reminding kids that nature isn’t guaranteed to be around if we don’t look after it.