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Two Minute Tales: A Hopster Original kids tv show

We have a very exciting addition to our line up of brilliant kids tv shows. It’s something different for us - a Hopster Original series.

Simon Ragoonanan
Simon Ragoonanan - August 24, 2017

Two Minute Tales is our brand new collection of fast paced animated fairy tales. It takes traditional stories and retells them with the addition of some surprising and imaginative twists. As the name suggests, this all rattles along within in a two minute running time.

Each of the ten episodes is based on a classic Grimm’s Fairy Tale, such as Little Red Riding Hood or The Gingerbread Man. And while these will be recognisable to young children familiar with the stories, the elements have been remixed to create new tales with new meanings.

Two Minute Tales - The Gingerbread Friend

For instance, the Little Red Riding Hood inspired The Wolf in the Woods, becomes a tale about the perils of misunderstanding and following orders blindly. Inspired by Sleeping Beauty, The Nice Old Witch takes the focus away from the slumbering princess and has a message that being mean – and pessimistic – can be isolating and lonely.

Two Minute Tales: The-Wolf in the Woods

The distinctive animation style is deliberately reminiscent of 1980’s video games. This simple approach allows the storytelling to really shine, and the clever and witty scripts make this series a terrific kids TV show treat.

Hopster Two Minute Tales - The Big Little Princess

We love this show, and we think you and your kids will too. If you haven’t already, see for yourself by watching an episode – the enchanting tale of The Nice Old Witch, at the top of this page. 🙂