How to keep young children busy on long trips

How to keep young children busy on long trips, how to keep toddlers busy on long road trips

Holidays are a great time for families to unwind and relax. Unfortunately, in order to get to your destination you have to travel there – and that’s when the trouble can start. Whether you are travelling by car, plane, train, or spaceship – going on holiday with young children (especially toddlers & preschoolers) can be … Read More

Happy Grown ups = Happy Kids

Happy National Children's Day 2016

This Sunday is National Children’s Day UK. This year, the focus is not on only healthy, happy tots but the fantastic adults making sure they stay that way. Find out more. At Hopster we’ve got your back. For all you wonderful, time-pushed parents and teachers, we’ve put together a list of tips and resources to keep you and your … Read More

Our Pick of Best Spooky Reads for Tots


Rather than instilling fear in them, spooky reads actually build emotional resiliency and encourage children to overcome the fears they already have. What’s more, they’re so thrilling and fun, that these stories can inject children with the love of books and reading. To help you find the right reads, we’ve asked our educational advisor, Lelia … Read More