Finding out… All about me, my family & friends

Hopster's Discovery Learning Map All about me, my family & friends

At Hopster we see the value of connecting informal education with children’s individual learning journeys, whether they are at nursery, kindergarten, or at home. To provide a fully rounded experience, and make sure all our content is aligned to early childhood education around the world, we developed our own curriculum. Our unique Discovery Learning Map … Read More

Digital play… Here to stay

Digital play 3

Can digital play really help develop fundamental early years skills? Our children are living in a digital age where most 3 year olds have a natural affinity for using tablets or smartphones to explore their growing world. A seven-year old now holds the record for the World’s Youngest Programmer. More than half (55%) of kids … Read More

How we help your kids learn

Hopster Discovery-Learning-Map

At Hopster we put children’s learning at the heart of everything we do, believing that entertainment and education can go hand in hand. With that in mind, we have created our very own curriculum alongside leading academics in childhood education and cognitive development. Our unique ‘Discovery Learning Map’ is closely aligned with the UK early … Read More