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Curriculum & learning

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Lelia Ingram - Head of Learning

Lelia Ingram, our head of learning

I have over 15 years experience in teaching, across Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2 and as an Assistant Headteacher.

I specialise in literacy with a focus on developing teaching and learning within Early Years and Key Stage 1. For me, working alongside Hopster is a perfect opportunity to be involved in developing specialist technology that delivers education in a fun and entertaining way.

Our key learning areas

We have content on Hopster cover all aspects of childhood development.

Finding out

All about me, my friends & family. Children are gaining a sense of who they are and what it means to be independent. They are growing in confidence and learning how to interact with others around them.


The world around me. Kids are exploring concepts in their own environment as well as the wider world around them using a range of scientific processes.

Expressing myself

Through the arts. Little ones are experimenting with many different skills and fine-motor techniques, which allow self-expression through art, drama, music and movement.


Through language and literacy. Children are learning to communicate through listening, talking, reading and writing and discovering the joy of communicating with others.

Thinking about

Numbers and solving puzzles. Kids are thinking about basic foundational mathematical concepts and beginning to apply problem solving skills.


My healthy body and mind. Little ones are developing an understanding of their physical selves and how their choices can impact on the health of their body and mind.

How we help your kids learn

We believe that entertainment and education can go hand in hand. With that in mind, we have created our very own curriculum alongside leading academics in childhood education and cognitive development. Our unique Discovery Learning Map is closely aligned with the UK early years foundation stage framework and formal early childhood curricula from around the world.

Educational games for kids

Tailored to the individual

We know that no two children learn in the same way; they go through different stages of development and pick up different kinds of thinking skills at each stage. Our Discovery Learning Map supports kids with these individual learning journeys as they discover for themselves things that inspire, excite and fascinate them.

Dad and child learning togethe

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