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Hopster Gift Subscription - Terms & Conditions

We do have a few rules for Gift Subscriptions, but we’ve tried to keep them simple.

  1. Hopster offers gift membership subscriptions via a code, which are offered in various subscription lengths (Subscription Length) chosen by the purchaser (Gift Memberships).
  2. Gift Memberships can only be redeemed subject to acceptance of the terms set out below (Gift Membership Terms of Use).
  3. Gift Memberships can be gifted to the purchaser’s friends/family by including the recipient’s email address at the point of purchase.
  4. Gift Memberships are priced as listed, and payment is taken by Hopster.
    • (GBP) £14.97 for 3-months, £29.94 for 6-months, or £59.88 for 12-months
    • (USD) $20.97 for 3-months, $41.94 for 6-months, or $83.88 for 12-month
    • (EUR) €14.97 for 3-months, €29.94 for 6-months, or €59.88 for 12-month
  5. Gift Memberships may be purchased through the url: https://www.hopster.tv/gift
  6. Gift Memberships may be redeemed through the url: https://www.hopster.tv/gift/redeem
  7. There is no physical form of the Gift Membership, which is an electronic gift facility.
  8. Gift Memberships must be activated within 12-months of purchase (the Expiry Date). Any Gift Memberships not used by the Expiry Date will lapse.
  9. Once activated, access to Hopster by the recipient of the Gift Membership will run for the chosen Subscription Length only and will not automatically renew or become full subscriptions to Hopster.
  10. At the point of activation of the Gift Membership, recipients will be asked to provide some of their details and agree to the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.
  11. Gift Membership codes may not be used more than once.
  12. Gift Memberships may only be redeemed by new customers who do not currently have a Hopster subscription [or who have not previously had a Hopster subscription].
  13. 14 days after purchase, Gift Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  14. Gift Memberships cannot be reloaded, resold, exchanged for cash or used to purchase other gift memberships.
  15. Gift Memberships cannot be redeemed if an account is billed via in-app purchase or third-party app stores. Please keep your electronic proof of purchase.
  16. Gift Memberships may only be purchased through the Hopster website and may not be purchased via third party app stores.
  17. Once any Gift Membership code is redeemed, the user has consented to the immediate start of the Gift Membership.
  18. The risk of loss and title for Gift Memberships passes to the purchaser on Hopster’s electronic transmission of the Gift Membership to the purchaser or a designated recipient.  Hopster is not responsible if any Gift Membership is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without your permission.
  19. Your sole remedy and Hopster’s sole liability in the event of any issue arising from a Gift Membership will be the replacement of the Gift Membership.
  20. Hopster reserves the right to change these Gift Membership Terms of Use any time without notice and without liability to the purchaser, the recipient, or any other party.