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Home Learning with Hopster

Welcome to Hopster School, where learning and fun become one

Homeschooling your little one might be challenging, especially if it’s the first time you’re doing it.

To make it easier for you and your kids to learn together, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow learning plan and some fun resources that can help take the pressure off homeschooling and keep the learning going.

We will add new learning areas and resources weekly so watch this space.

Healthy Body and Mind

This week’s learning plan

This week at Hopster School, the topic is Healthy Body and Mind.

Your little one can explore this subject with our curated collection of shows, songs, games, and more!

Go to the Hopster School week 6 Learning Plan: Healthy Body and Mind


Healthy Body and Mind Printable Resources

Healthy Body and Mind printable activities

As well as content in Hopster, download these free printable activities to support this week’s Healthy Body and Mind learning topic.

This week’s printables (click to open) are:

Make your own Origami Dog

Spell Your Own Fitness Challenge

Colour In Hand-washing guide

Family and Community

This week’s learning plan

It’s Family and Community week at Hopster School.

We’ve handpicked a selection of content, from shows, to books and games, to support your child exploring this important topic.

Go to the Hopster School week 5 Learning Plan: Family and Community


Family and Community Printable Resources

Family and Community printable activities

This week’s printables (click to open):

The Wider World

This week’s learning plan

For Hopster School this week, we’re exploring The Wider World!

We have a great book, funny songs, and wonderful shows to help your little one see the world.

As well as these, and printables (below) see our learning plan for more suggested supporting activities.

The Wider World Printable Resources

The Wider World printable activities

This week’s printables (click to open):

Maths and Science

This week’s learning plan

For Hopster School this week, we’re making Maths and Science fun!

Your little one will love finding ways of exploring the world of numbers & science.

We have great maths and science learning shows, games, songs, printables, and more!

Maths and Science Printable Resources

Maths and Science printable activities

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts learning plan

Young children LOVE arts and crafts, whether it’s drawing, painting, working with clay or constructing with card & glue.

As well as being fun, there are lots of benefits in encouraging your child’s creativity, such as helping their mental, emotional, and social development.

Arts and Crafts Printable Resources

Arts and Crafts printable resources

Literacy and Language

Literacy and Language learning plan

Children are discovering the joy of communicating with others through listening, talking, reading and writing.

They are developing an interest in mark-making and letter formation as well as how letters sound and are combined to form words.

Go to the Hopster School week 1 Learning Plan: Literacy and Language


Literacy and Language Printable Resources

Literacy and Language printable activities