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Home Learning with Hopster: Week 1 - Literacy and Language

Welcome to Hopster School, where learning and fun become one

This week we’ll be focusing on Literacy and Language learning with a selection of shows, books and games. Additionally, we’ve put together some handy talking points and activities that focus on the same learning outcomes.

Supporting this theme, you can also download our fun printable Story Cards, I Spy game and ABC chart.

Monday 27th April

Play: Alphabet Hotel

(Find this game in the Hopster mobile app in the hot air balloon.)

Alphabet Hotel is a literacy-based game that encourages children to explore all the letters and sounds of the alphabet including digraph and trigraph combinations – single sounds that are represented by two or three letters.

Game Talking Points:

1. Can you find the letters/sounds in your name?

2. Show me a letter/sound you’ve been learning about

3. Which is your favourite game and why?

Recommended Daily Activity
Letter hunt: An easy one for inside or outside the house. Find an object beginning with a/b/c…

Tuesday 28th April

Watch: Super Why! (UK only)

SuperWhy - poster
(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)
Super Why! is an animated series that helps children learn key reading skills, including alphabet, rhyming and reading comprehension.

Show Talking Points:

1. What were the super letters today? Can you draw those letters for me?

2. What story did Wyatt fix? What was the problem?

3. Tell me about the adventure the gang went on. Did they meet any interesting characters?

Watch: Alphablocks (Non-UK only)

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Alphablocks is a fun educational show teaching kids how to spell through fun songs and stories.

Show Talking Points:

1. What sound did you learn today?

2. Which letter is your favourite and why? Can you draw that letter?

3. Did you learn any new words?

Recommended Daily Activity
Shaving foam letters: Squeeze lots of shaving foam onto a tray or mat and let the kids practise writing the letters or their name. For an example, watch this video from Childcareland.

Wednesday 29th April

Watch: Alphabet Stories

Alphabet Stories - poster
(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Alphabet Stories is a great show to introduce pre-schoolers to the letters of the alphabet and to get their imagination going through fun, creative stories.

Show Talking Points:

1. What letter did you learn about today?

2. Can you tell me some words that begin with that letter?

3. What fun story did the words make today?

Recommended Daily Activity
Wild Alphabet:
Get the kids to gather sticks, leaves, stones or whatever they can find outside and use these to make different letters or to practise spelling their names.

Thursday 30th April

Read: Dog in Boots

(Find this book on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the book boat.)

This is a hilarious and uplifting tale about loving who you are. Philip the dachshund too short for his love, Penelope, so he tries to make himself tall. But maybe he just needs be himself to be loved. 

Book Talking Points:

1. What did you like about this book?

2. In the beginning Philip has a ‘slight’ problem. Can you describe what it is?

3. How do Philip and his friend Ralph try to fix the problem?

Recommended Daily Activity
Alphabet Soup: Put magnetic letters in a bowl with a spoon and fish out letters saying the sound or name as you pick them out. Here is a great example from Thriving Home.

Friday 1st May

Watch: Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

This preschool kids TV series teaches words in a creative and fun way.

Each episode covers a new letter of the alphabet, and kids are taught a selection of words starting with the episode’s letter. 

Show Talking Points:

1. What rhyme do Olive and her friends need to fix? Can you teach it to me?

2. What was the pop-up letter today?

3. Can you tell me what words Olive learned today?

Recommended Daily Activity
Playdough: Use Playdough to make different letters or words. Here is a fantastic example from Learning4Kids.