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Home Learning with Hopster: Week 2 - Arts and Crafts

Welcome to Hopster School, where learning and fun become one

This week’s theme is Arts and Crafts so we are encouraging little ones to get creative and unleash their inner artist. Through our fun shows they can learn about famous painters and then get hands-on and create their own masterpiece.

Supporting this theme, you can also download our fun printables:

Monday 4th May

Box Yourself Minis - posterWatch: Box Yourself Minis

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Box Yourself Minis is a super fun craft show that teaches kids how to make beautiful objects out of cardboard, boxes, toilet rolls and anything else lying around. The show is packed with great upcycling ideas.

Show Talking Points:

1. What fun things did you learn to make today?

2. What equipment did you need?

3. Why do you think it’s good to use junk to make something new?

Recommended Daily Activity
Toilet roll art:
Why not try making something out of used toilet rolls? If you need inspiration, you can find some brilliant ideas from Red Ted Art here.

Tuesday 5th May

Louie - posterWatch: Louie

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Join Louie and his ladybird friend, Yoko, as they teach children how to draw something new in each episode. 

Show Talking Points:

1. What did Louie & Yoko draw today?

2. What are some of your favourite things to draw?

3. What colours does Yoko use to colour Louie’s picture? What are your favourite colours?

Recommended Daily Activity
Explore Hopster Create: Visit the Create game in our app (Canvas and easel area) where little ones can get hands on and create their own works of art using different textures, colours and lines.

Wednesday 6th May

Watch: Van Gogh Museum with StoryZoo

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Story Zoo takes little ones on a trip to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam where they can discover the works of Van Gogh and learn about different kinds of paintings such as self-portraits, landscapes and still lifes.

Show Talking Points:

1. Can you remember the name of the artist you have been learning about? 

2. What kinds of things did Van Gogh like to paint? What do you like to paint?

3. Can you describe any of his paintings? Which was your favourite? Why?

Recommended Daily Activity
Make Your Own Masterpiece: Create ‘A View From My Window’ painting in the style of Van Gogh. Check out our blog post by Wilding Crafts for a step-by-step guide here.


Thursday 7th May

Read: Matisse’s Magical Trail

(Find this book on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the book boat.)

This is a beautiful, colourful picture book about an artistic snail who reminds us of the importance of noticing the small things and seeing beauty in the everyday. 

Book Talking Points:

1. What kind of animal was Matisse? Have you ever seen one?

2. Why do you think Matisse left his artistic trails at night?

3. Sometimes we are all a bit too busy to notice the small wonders. What kinds of things can we look for in nature that will inspire us to create beautiful art?

Recommended Daily Activity
Make a Snail Collage: Get creative and make your very own Matisse-inspired snail collage following this easy step-by-step guide by the Tate Modern.

Friday 8th May

Learn to Draw - posterWatch: Learn to Draw Minis

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Learn to Draw Minis is a fun creative show with easy-to-follow guides to help children learn simple techniques so they can create their own artworks and draw pets, wild animals, dinosaurs, and more.

Show Talking Points:

1. What did you learn to draw today?

2. Which bits were tricky to draw?

3. What are your favourite things to draw?

Recommended Daily Activity
Pavement Art: Grab some chalk and head outside to do some pavement art. When your masterpiece is finished, don’t forget to write your name. Real artists always sign their work. 🙂

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