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Home Learning with Hopster: Week 4 - The Wider World

Welcome to Hopster School, where learning and fun become one

This week in the Hopster School we’ll be focusing on the Wider World. We put together a list of shows, music, and books that will help your kids explore the world around them and learn about nature, animals, different cultures, and countries.

You’ll find some handy talking points and activities related to each and can also download our printable activity sheets:

Monday 18th May

Read: Captain Crankie and Seadog Steve

(Find this book on Hopster in the mobile app in the boat section.)

This delightfully illustrated picture book tells the story of Captain Crankie and Seadog Steve as they try to clean up their village and get rid of all rubbish. 

Book Talking Points:

1. What was the main problem in the story?

2. How did Captain Crankie solve the problem? Do you think this was a good idea?

3. Why is it really important to dispose of rubbish and trash in the proper way?

Recommended Daily Activity
Upcycling fun: Look through your recycling box at home. Can you reuse some of the boxes or cartons to make an amazing sea creature? You could try to make a fish, a dolphin, or even a mermaid!

Tuesday 19th May

Big Block SingSongListen: Big Block SingSong

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the musical flower section.)

Big Block SingSong is a collection of funny and creative songs that encourage kids to learn simple tunes and to express themselves through music.

Music Talking Points:

1. Which song is your favourite? Why? Can you sing along?

2. Do you know any other songs or nursery rhymes? Teach me.

3. Can you think of some actions to go with the song? 

Recommended Daily Activity
Mime the song: Pick your favourite song/nursery rhyme and make up actions or a routine/mime to go with it. Can you remember the actions? Do the actions match the words?

Wednesday 20th May

Bino and Fino - posterWatch: Bino and Fino

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Bino and Fino is a Nigerian educational show that teaches kids about African culture, heritage, history and more.

Show Talking Points:

1. Which country do Bino and Fino live in? Can we find it on a map?

2. Did you learn anything about Africa in today’s show

3. If you could travel somewhere in the world. Where would you like to go?

Recommended Daily Activity
Explore the map: Look at a map of the world together. Find the country you’re from. Find Africa on the map. Look at how much of the map is blue (for water). Where is the land? Can you name any other countries or continents?

Thursday 21st May

Mouk - posterWatch: Mouk 

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Following the adventures of Mouk and his friend as they teach kids to respect and understand different cultures and appreciate our cultural and geographical diversity. 

Show Talking Points:

1. What country did Mouk visit today? Can you find it on a map?

2. Is this country any different from where you live?

3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?

Recommended Daily Activity
Travel game: Pretend you’re going on holiday with your little one, decide what you’d need to pack then draw the different things you’d need e.g. sunglasses, flip flops, etc. Don’t forget your passport!

Friday 22nd May

Watch: Through the Woods

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

This fun show centers around a young boy, Rider, and his dog as they explore the “nearby nature” that many kids can relate to: spiderwebs, fireflies, and more.

Show Talking Points:

1. What did Rider and Wolfie bring to Grammy’s?

2. Can you name some things that Rider found on his way through the woods?

3. Do you ever go to the woods? What kinds of things can you see and do there?

Recommended Daily Activity
Nature exploration: Take a walk outside with your child and make a list of things you see and would like to find out more about, like names of plants and birds. Then together look these up on the internet or from a book.

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