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Home Learning with Hopster: Week 5 - Family and Community

Welcome to Hopster School, where learning and fun become one

This week in the Hopster School we’ll be focusing on Family and Community. Children will learn to share and interact positively with friends and family through a selection of fun shows, books, and games.

You’ll find handy talking points and recommended activities, and can download our weekly activity sheets from here:

Monday 25th May

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - posterWatch: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Available in the UK and most European countries

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a fun preschool show that teaches kids key social skills necessary for school and life through catchy tunes and music.

Show Talking Points:

1. What did Daniel Tiger learn about today in the show?

2. Daniel Tiger likes to do lots of good things for his neighbours and his friends. Can you tell me about any?

3. Did you learn any new songs/rhymes when you were listening?

Watch: Our Family

Available worldwide excl. UK/Ireland and New Zealand

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

This is a BAFTA-award winning preschool documentary that celebrates the everyday magic of family life for 3-7-year-olds. 

Show Talking Points:

1. Whose family did you meet today? Can you describe the family?

2. What fun things did the family get up to?

3. Who makes up your family? What are your favourite things to do together?

Watch: Bob the Builder

Available in New Zealand only

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Bob the Builder follows the daily adventures of Bob and his friends, they can learn to be optimistic, responsible and to work cooperatively with others to successfully resolve their problems.

Show Talking Points:

1. What did Bob and his friends fix today?

2. What kinds of things do you like to build? What materials do you use?

3. Bob and his friends work together as a team to get the job done. Can you think of a time when you’ve been part of a team?

Recommended Daily Activity
Build something outside: Use anything you can find (e.g. sticks, stones) and build something fun. It could be a home for an animal, a garage for toy cars or a den for you? Then discuss with your kids what materials you used. 

Tuesday 26th May

Watch: Timmy Time

Available worldwide excl. Israel, Pan-Africa, China

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Timmy Time teaches kids how to share, take turns and interact positively with friends. The non-verbal nature of the show allows it to be enjoyed even by the youngest viewers.

Show Talking Points:

1. Timmy has lots of good friends. Can you remember any that you met in the show?

2. What fun things did Timmy and his friend get up to today? What do you like to do with your  friends? 

3. Sometimes things go a bit wrong for Timmy even when he’s trying to do the right thing. Was there a problem in the show today? How did it get solved?

Watch: Fireman Sam

Available worldwide excl. the US and Canada

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

The town sees a number of fires and other hazards, but luckily Sam is always around to help, together with his fellow firefighters. The show teaches children about the importance of helping others.

Show Talking Points:

1. Being a firefighter is an important job. What do you already know about Firefighters and Fire Safety? 

2. In the show, what was Fireman Sam’s emergency today?

3. Norman is one of the characters in the show and he’s always getting into mischief. What was he doing today with his friends?

Recommended Daily Activity
Safety at home: Talk to your little ones about keeping safe at home.  The Fireman Sam website has some fantastic tips for preschoolers.  Go around the house together and make a list of things they should NOT touch like the kettle, plugs, fireplace, lighters or matches etc. Remind them that the most dangerous room in the house is the kitchen so they must be extra careful here.  As a family, talk about what you would do if there was a real fire at home, make a plan together.

Wednesday 27th May

SharePlay: Share

(Find this game in the Hopster mobile app in the hot air balloon.)

The aim of this fun game is to give the furry friends an equal amount of time bouncing on the trampoline. Refuse to share and the other little monsters will fly away.

Game Talking Points:

1. What kind of things do you like to share with your friends or siblings?

2. Can you think of a time when somebody shared something with you. What was it? How did that make you feel?

3. Talk about how they would feel if they went to a friends house and weren’t allowed to play with any toys.

Recommended Daily Activity
Paint or colour a picture together: Remember to ask your little one to share the paints and brushes and don’t forget to say, ‘thank you for sharing’ and ‘you’re so good at taking turns’.

Thursday 28th May

Read: Pearl Power

(Find this book on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the book boat.)

Pearl Power is an inspirational story for every little girl who believes strongly in girl and boy equality. It busts gender stereotypes and proves that to do something ‘like a girl’ is really the biggest compliment.

Book Talking Points:

1. How does Pearl feel on her first day of school? Have you ever felt worried about something?

2. Pearl has Pearl Power; she is a clever, strong girl. How does she show Sebastian that doing something ‘like a girl’ is a compliment?

3. At the end of the story Sebastian is feeling sad. What does Pearl do to help him? Were you surprised by the ending?

Recommended Daily Activity
Draw a picture of yourself: Discuss with your little one what special power she/he would like to have and why. Then encourage them to draw a picture of themselves with that special power.

Friday 29th May

Punky - posterWatch: Punky

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Punky is a light-hearted and fun show about a little girl who has Down syndrome. It follows her everyday life as she plays with her friends and interacts with her family.

Show Talking Points:

1. What kinds of things does Punky like to do? Do you like those things too?

2. Punky lives with her Mum, brother and Granny who she calls Cranky. Why do you think she calls her Granny ‘cranky’?

3. We are all unique and special in our own way; there are lots of things that are the same and lots of differences too. How do you look different/same to your friends? What things do you have to try hard at? What things can you do easily?

Recommended Daily Activity
Same/Different Mirror Game: Stand in front of the mirror with your kid and establish what is the same and what is different about you. Look at your face, body, and even your clothes. You can then move onto how others are different and the same.

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