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Home Learning with Hopster: Week 6 - Healthy Body and Mind

Welcome to Hopster School, where learning and fun become one

Maintaining a Healthy Body and Mind is important at the best of times, and even more so now.

Your little one can explore this in this week’s Hopster School, watching shows in our app or channel, plus you’ll find some fun printables here:

Monday 1st June

Watch: Goodbye Germs

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

A selection of short videos and songs designed to teach kids about proper hygiene, sneezing into a tissue, washing hands, and more.

Show Talking Points:

1. Why do you need to wash your hands? When is it extra important to make sure you have washed your hands?

2. Ask your child to teach you how to wash your hands properly.

3. Which is your favourite of these songs and why?

Recommended Daily Activity
Handwashing experiments: Watch and create the Glitter Germs and Pepper & Soap Experiment at Home: a fun way to explain how germs work and show kids how important it is to wash their hands.

Tuesday 2nd June

Watch: Li’l Doc

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Join Li’lDoc’ and Geeko as they explain a range of medical topics in a way that’s fascinating and easy to understand.

Show Talking Points:

1. What have you learned in today’s episode with Li’l Doc and Gecko?

2. Have you ever been sick and visited the Doctor? What was it like?

3. What kind of tools might a doctor use to help us?

Recommended Daily Activity
Doctor and Patient Game: Get your little one acting – take it in turns to be the patient and the doctor. Bring in the teddies, plasters, bandages, stethoscope, cotton balls, tissues and clipboards etc.

Wednesday 3rd June

Watch Saturday Club on HopsterWatch: Saturday Club

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Saturday Club is a preschool show that encourages kids to recognise and imagine various emotions, and what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes. 

Show Talking Points:

1. The kids in Saturday Club are all great friends and love hanging out together. Who do you enjoy spending time with?

2. What did the kids get up to in Saturday Club today? How did it make you feel?

3. Granda often helps the kids figure out the right thing to do. Who helps you think about things in a different way? 

Recommended Daily Activity
Paper Plate Emotions: You will need a mirror, paper, a paper plate, and coloured crayons or pencils. List all the emotions you can feel, draw the different faces onto paper plates, showing different emotions – talk about when you might feel these emotions. 

Thursday 4th June

The HiggleoosListen: The Higgleoos

(Find this show on Hopster in your TV platform or in the mobile app in the volcano.)

Join the green furry friends, Hollie, Alfie and Boo as they teach kids about feelings and emotions through fun indie rock tunes.

Music Talking Points:

1. The Higgleoos love singing and playing music. What kind of music do you like?

2. What was the Higgleoos song about today?

3. Can you name any of the instruments the Higgleoos played? What other ones can you think of?

Recommended Daily Activity
DIY Recycled Instruments: Learning Lift Off has six fantastic examples of how you can make instruments using household items like tin can drums, paper plate banjos.

Friday 5th June

Play: Tasty Kitchen

(Find this game in the Hopster mobile app in the hot air balloon.)

In Tasty Kitchen little ones will learn about food groups as well as the health benefits of different foodstuffs in the game. Based on advice from child nutritionists, this fun foodie game can help kids establish their own healthy habits early.

Game Talking Points:

1. What different foods did you find in the kitchen? Which healthy foods do you like to eat?

2. Foods can be divided into different food groups. Can you remember any?

3. Why is it important for us to eat a healthy balanced diet?

Recommended Daily Activity
Make a Healthy Snack: Make a healthy snack together with your little one, here can find 50 great healthy snack ideas by Tastes Better From Scratch.