London, UK – 6 October 2016 – Hopster, the app that helps kids learn through the shows they love, today announced the launch of a new Apple TV app that rewrites the rules of children’s television. Created in partnership with technology design studio We
Are Hive
, and developed in close collaboration with children and child psychologists, Hopster’s new app offers a bespoke, multi-screen user experience for kids, optimised for Apple TV.

For the first time ever, parents now have the option
to set limits on screen time and monitor their kids’ TV usage, as well as find out their little ones’ viewing habits thanks to Hopster’s smart parental reports.

Since bedtimes for little kids can be a family’s biggest pain point, the Hopster app aims to solve this problem for connected families across the world and make the experience more fun. Parents can use their tablet or mobile to set a timer for their kids’ viewing on the Apple TV app. When the time is up, Hopster will count down gently to bring the kids’ TV time to an end. It will then suggest a lullaby to ease kids to bed, which will seamlessly appear in the Hopster app on a connected iPhone or iPad. Kids can also practice brushing their teeth using the Hopster TV app’s new tooth brushing game.

Despite the fact that 55% of preschool kids can use a tablet unaided, only 9% can navigate a TV remote control. Children also rely on visual elements rather than text – as most of them can’t read at this age. To address those challenges, the Hopster App for Apple TV simplifies the navigation elements and focuses on cues that make sense for kids, like colours, shapes and sounds. The app’s home screen features a selection of curated, personalised recommendations, based on previous behaviour and the time of the day or season. Hopster also takes advantage of Apple TV’s universal search support, which allows families to find their favourite shows using Siri.

Nicholas Walters, Founder and CEO of Hopster adds: “At Hopster, we believe that apps are the future of TV. This is a great example of what we’re all about – combining personalised technology and great content to help parents out with daily challenges, like getting kids ready to go to bed. With addition of a few smart features, like the parental timer and night-time mode, we hope to make bedtimes a bit more magical and less stressful for the whole family.”

Seb Sabouné, Product Lead at We Are Hive explains, “With Hopster, we weren’t just designing for kids, but designing with them – they were an integral part of the product development. Take the navigation, for example. During our research, it became clear that children recognise the characters from the content they like. So, we put that content at the front, one-click away, making it very easy for them to watch, play and listen to their favourites.”

Since launching in the UK in 2013, Hopster has been entertaining over one million families worldwide on mobile, tablet and TV and has been ranked as number one grossing app for kids in 24 countries. It is committed to helping kids and parents by offering family favourite shows like Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, SuperWhy and Reading Rainbow as well as games – all selected so they are not only fun but are positively nurturing to little ones’ early development.

The new Hopster App for Apple TV launches today and will be available worldwide. After a special extended one month free trial period, the monthly subscription will be £3.99 in the UK and $4.99 in the US. New features, including a special ‘night mode,’ will be added over the coming months.

About Hopster

Hopster is a beautifully designed app for the under-sixes, aiming to strike the perfect balance between learning and fun. For one low monthly subscription with no long tie-ins, Hopster subscribers get access to all the best kids shows and songs made even better with academically-vetted learning games on all their favourite devices. Over a million parents worldwide have now used the award- winning, safe, and ad-free app to keep their kids entertained and stimulated.
Hopster is available for a free 7 day trial from the App Store and Google Play and also on smart TVs. To find out more, check out www.hopster.tv

About We Are Hive

We Are Hive is an award-winning London technology design studio, partnering with corporations and entrepreneurs to create new digital products and services. We Are Hive has a deep understanding of how to take an idea to market, and uses an agile approach to minimise risks, move fast and involve consumers along the way. Clients include Google, Microsoft, Asos, Tesco, Rare, Kindeo and HMA amongst others. For more information visit www.wearehive.co.uk


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