Ella Bella Bingo

  • Recommended age range: 2-6
  • 11 minutes per episode

Ella Bella Bingo is a happy-go-lucky little girl who uses her boundless creativity and infectious enthusiasm to solve everyday problems. You’ll hear her say ‘Uh-oh. What a pickle!’ when she encounters a problem, but she always has a creative idea up her sleeve to try and solve it! When she finally does, she bursts out with a joyful ‘Bingo!’. Whether it’s a tidying up session that Ella turns into a treasure hunt, or a rainy day indoors, in which she reinvents her top-floor apartment as a lighthouse, her inventions are clever, unexpected, and inspire kids to use their imaginations.

This show aims to get children thinking in new and creative ways. As Ella herself would say “There are lots of ideas bouncing around in your head all the time. You just have to catch one!”.