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Quality content

We don’t believe in drawing a line between learning and entertainment. Learning should always be fun and good entertainment should always teach you something. So our content selection is not about educational content as such, but quality content. We look for programming that’s both fun and wholesome, weeding out anything that’s the TV equivalent of junk food. Then, whether by removing ads or improving learning outcomes, we never stop finding ways to make the best stuff even better.
“This is such a beautiful gem of an app. The girls love playing with the little creatures and there are a huge number of episodes to watch.” – LouBrown99 on the iTunes Store

Magical World

Hopster is full of characters and content that kids and parents already know and love. But what sets us apart from the competition is the magical environment we have built up around that content. We know parents appreciate all of the little touches that have gone into creating a world kids can explore and characters they can fall in love with.
“Highly recommend this app for parents – Great app, list of choice of tv shows and games no annoying ads, easy to use and great fun graphics! Love it and so do my kids!” – Mrs Rachie B on the iTunes Store

Personalised tech

From the simple interface to the learning games, everything about Hopster has been designed with little fingers and tiny thinkers in mind. As our technology evolves, the aim is to make the experience personalised to each user. As they learn Hopster should learn with them, whether that is saving the scores from games or more individual interaction with the characters.
“Amazing – My 3 year old loves this app, he enjoys watching some of his favourite shows and also a chance to see some new ones. The games are great and are building his confidence in letters etc” – R0B0SC0T on the iTunes Store